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How Are We Different

We provide transparency in everything we do. Our fees are clearly defined for everyone to see. We use a consultative approach not a sales approach. Our strategy depends on the client's needs. We can make all investment choices together or like most of our clients, we can make all the investment decisions based on your objectives so you can focus on other things. Most importantly, we want expectations and objectives clearly defined. One of the things we are most excited about is how we use the best technology on the street to be better advisors but to also give the client an all around better client experience. For example, we use the latest financial planning software on the street and use that plan to build our investment strategy. We fill it is important for every client to have a plan in order to monitor progress and to monitor risk. When you don't have a good financial plan you usually take more risk then necessary or either too conservative. Either way, you do not meet your goals. Being independent advisors, also allows us to keep fees low compared to advisors at large wirehouses that have to give as much as 70% of their revenue to their firms. Secondly, we are whole heartedly an open architecture group, meaning we find the best investment vehicles to fill the need of the client and not what is best for the advisor. Often times, advisors feel the pressure from larger firms to sell proprietary products or structured products with large payouts. We have no proprietary products to sell. 

What is our core fundamental strategy? 

Our experience tells us to always err on the conservative side. But its not just about being conservative necessarily, it's about knowing how to navigate through all business cycles. Most any advisor can do well in a bull market but what about the next financial crisis, like the one in 2008. Our research shows that having lowly correlated assets to the broader markets can provide great downside protection without necessarily giving up much of the upside. 

We believe in building portfolios than can withstand pullbacks in the market and recover quickly. If clients have portfolios with low volatility, experience says they will not panic and want to sell at the wrong time. Lastly, we know that trying to time the market is nearly impossible so we choose to use a disciplined approach and not make big bets, that if wrong, could have a significant negative impact on a client's portfolio. 

What is our process? 

Our process starts by asking the right questions so we can get the right information. Once we get the client's true desires and objectives, we create a portfolio specifically designed to achieve that objective. And last, we set benchmarks for the portfolio so we can always monitor it's progress. Our job ultimately comes down to getting our clients from point A to point B with the least amount of risk and most importantly, always being able to effectively monitor that risk. 

What are our fees? 

We have tried to come up with the fairest possible way to charge our advisory fees. We've never really liked the commission only model because to us it presents a possible conflict of interest. First, the traditional broker model means they have to convince you to buy or sell something to make money instead of being in more of an advisory role. Secondly, buying mutual funds in a commission account can come with a big upfront cost, sometimes as much as 5.25%, so you can often start off in a big hole. We think it makes better sense to pay us for giving you the best advice we can without trying to sell you something. By us charging an advisory fee, we have access to institutional funds, which are no-load funds, and you pay no transaction cost or commissions.

Advisory Management Fees 
$25,000 to $5,000,000 is 1.10% 
$5,000,000 to $15,000,000 is .75% 
$15,000,000 to $50,000,000 is .50% $50,000,000 or more is .25% 
*households with accounts less than $25,000 will not be charged advisory fees, only minimal transaction cost. 

Niche markets *

  • Employees nearing retirement 
  • Investors wanting a financial plan 
  • 401k rollovers 
  • Young families just starting to save 
  • Business owners 
  • Entrepreneurs